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If you have any Heating & Air Conditioning FAQ - Frequently asked questions, check out this compilation that I have created with the most frequently asked questions to make planning for HVAC Services a little easier. If a question is not listed here, feel free to reach out to us via (847) 320-0554

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Question about AC

We know how it feels when your ac breaks on the hottest days of the year, it is best to call Climatek Heating and cooling service company in spring for ac tune-up to prevent service call, the most common problem is faulty capacitor or unit low on Freon, ac units that are older than 10-15 years.


It could have many other mechanical and electrical problems, one of those problems are bad compressors or weak compressors that need hard start capacitors Call us to properly diagnose and repair your ac unit.

We highly recommend having your ac cleaned and checked every year in spring, Ac systems with dirty coil and slightly low on Freon may still cool your house but it will run inefficiently and cause high electricity bills.

Call ClimaTek local heating and cooling company and we will clean and check your ac and make sure it's running efficiently and without breakdowns on those summer hot days.

If you see frozen pipe at the air conditioner or at the evaporator coil above the furnace then the probable cause could be low freon or airflow issue, if there is no ice then probably the condenser fan is running but the compressor is not. This type of diagnostic must be done by a professional HVAC technician,


Call ClimaTek heating and cooling and we will perform a diagnostic and repair on your ac unit.

Question about Furnace

There are many reasons why a furnace is not heating, some of most common problems are bad ignitor, dirty flame sensor, or dirty filter that causes the furnace to overheat.

To properly diagnose the problem with your furnace and safely perform repairs it is better to call your local heating service ClimaTek and we will guarantee repairs and give you peace of mind.

Most likely dirty flame sensor or furnace safety controls.


To keep your furnace working efficiently and safely it's highly recommended to have your furnace tune-up done beginning of the winter season

The most common noise is from the inducer fan motor that is failing due to the bad bearings in the motor.

Have your furnace inspected before the winter season, one of the many checks on our maintenance checklist is to check inducer fan motors for proper operation.

It's recommended to change fiberglass filters every 30 days, pleated filters 3-6 months but every filter should be inspected every 30 days and see if it's necessary to replace it, every house is different when it comes to dust.

Furnace cleaning and checks are very important to keep your furnace running safely and efficiently, we recommend furnace tune-up every year in fall before turning the heat on,

Call ClimaTek heating and cooling company, and we will inspect and clean your furnace and make sure there are no safety issues with the furnace, also by having a tune-up done there is a lower chance that your furnace will fail during the winter season.

Condensate pipe or trap plugged up


Have your furnace cleaned and checked and we will make sure all pipes are clear to prevent that service call.

Call ClimaTek your local heating and air conditioning service company.

With a multi-zone, radiant system probable case is an issue with zone valves, zone pumps, thermostats, or air in the radiators, with a single zone system most likely is air in the radiators.


Call ClimaTek Heating and Cooling for boiler maintenance, repair, or replacement installation.

Question for Air Quality

In the summer season when ac is running this is usually an indication of a frozen evaporator coil above the furnace due to airflow restriction from a dirty filter, blower motor not working, dirty evaporator coil or system is low on Freon. Check Climatek Air Quality Services

In the winter season when furnace heat is on probable cause is a bad blower motor, a dirty filter causing the furnace to short cycle due to furnace overheating.

Call (847) 322-0554 Climatek heating and air conditioning to perform a diagnostic on your furnace or ac.

Question for Humidifier

Humidifiers are very important to be checked every year preferably when your furnace is checked, probable causes of humidifiers leaking are overused water pad, water flow too high, or cracked feed tube.


Call ClimaTek to have your humidifier checked and cleaned, we will make sure it is working efficiently and have it running without leaks that could cause damage to your floor.

Question about Radiator

A boiler is not working, the circulating pump not working or air in the system.

Call ClimaTek and we will clean and check your boiler and make sure it's working safely and efficiently

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